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Sajilo Payments, Sajilo Life

We know that you have got your hands full. SCT MoCo is our effort to make your life a little easier by simplifying your payments so that you can spend your precious time doing what you enjoy.

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Install SCT MoCo on your Android or iPhone and get started into a smart living. The signup process is so quick and hassle free that it will make you all smiles. So say goodbyes to filling up any paperwork/ KYC form and welcome quick and easy payments into your life.


We want you take back your power by taking charge of your payments. Avoid those annoying traffic jams and long queues and save your precious time and energy. Its time to be self reliant because wherever you go, you can take along your partner for payments, SCT MoCo with you. So, even if the clock shows midnight, you can’t be stopped from making your payments. And you can add as many SCT debit cards in your SCT MoCo account and use any of them to make payments.


It is always wise to play it safe. And that is exactly what SCT MoCo offers. Double layers of protection keeps your SCT MoCo account secure. And get this, even if someone else is handling your phone, the safety of your account is assured, as they can neither access your card details nor perform any financial transaction without your card PIN No.

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