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Pay at SCT MoCo outlets

We have partnered with various restaurants, eateries, clinics and other facilities so that when you are out doing your thing, whether it is having a lovely meal with your loved one or getting your teeth fixed, you can pay through SCT MoCo. And you just won’t need to reach for your wallet and count cash to make payments. Just a few taps in your phone and you are good to go. You are virtually walking around with an ATM machine in your pocket with MoCo app installed in your phone.

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Pay with your phone

In order to make a payment at a SCT MoCo outlet, Login to your SCT MoCo app and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click 'Merchant Payment' from the menu and then click 'Scan To Pay'.

Step 2: The merchant will show you a QR code. Scan the QR code using the MoCo App. Enter the payment of amount if asked then confirm the payment by entering your SCT card's 4 digit PIN.

Stores Accepting SCT MoCo

Base Camp Restaurant
Bawarchi The Restro Bar
Bricks Cafe
Dalle Restaurant
GG Machaan
Kasthamandap Wine Cafe
Manny's Eatery & Bar
Neoteric Nepal
Red Fox Nepal

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